Large selection of photobook formats:
1. Maxi photobook: 300 mm x 300 mm
2. Classic photobook: 195 mm x 270 mm
3. Square photobook: 195 mm x 195 mm
4. Panorama photobook: 195 mm x 145 mm
5. Mini photobook: 145 mm x 100 mm

With such a large selection, it may be hard to make a decision. Why not simply try out different formats for different occasions? Choose between 16 and 160 pages in all five formats. Different binding types are available in every format.







format_maxi.jpg   format_classic.jpg   format_quadrat.jpg
Your pictures look incredible in this format. Positioned in the largest form on the page guarantees that 'wow' factor. Available in 5 binding types including cloth binding.   This photobook will be a hit! What a classic! Thanks to its size, it’s ideal for giving your creativity a free run. It is particularly recommended for photobooks with a lot of text.   This is a particularly fine way of displaying your photos. Unusual, high-quality and economical! A really special photobook!





format_panorama.jpg   format_mini.jpg    
A really stylish square format, ideal for square photos! This format is an absolute eye-catcher!   No other photobook can be designed as quickly and at such a price! Ideal as a small gift or holiday souvenir.  

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