Repeat ordering photobooks
So, you’ve designed your book, and your friends and family think it’s great and would also like a copy? That’s no problem.

Here you have the opportunity to re-order your photobooks. After the initial order, we archive your order file free of charge for 3 months and re-ordering is easy. Unfortunately, after that it is no longer possible. Please keep your photobook and your receipt to hand.

Of course, it is possible to re-order at any time by generating a new order using your own order file that you have saved on your computer.

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Books produced with a cloth cover can only be reordered with a cloth cover. If you would like another type of binding, please adjust your book accordingly and send us a new order file.

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For reasons of security, we will only send repeat ordered books the original address. This means that you can be sure that no-one will make unauthorized copies of your images without your knowledge.

Now please click on "Repeat order photobook". Subsequently you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail giving the bank details relevant to you.


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